Primewest Managment

Our Services

 Management Planning

    * We cater to any culture and speak English, Spanish and  
    * Comprehensive advertising & promotion
    * Detailed market analysis
    * Professional marketing and advertising
    * Applicant screening & approval
    * Negotiation & execution of rental 
    * Lease structuring
    * Annual insurance review
    * Annual service contracts review



Maintenance Services

    * 24-Hour IN-HOUSE maintenance
    * 24-Hour bilingual emergency response
    * Weekly property  inspections
    * Inspection of all vacant units
    * Preventative maintenance programs
    * Energy conservation measures
    * Bi-annually inspections on smoke detectors and
    * On-site supervision and experience with city
    *  Maintenance recommendations & execution
    *  Competitive rates

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Financial Reporting

    * Timely, accurate, computerized financial
      reports every month
    * Preparation of annual operating budget
    * Coordination of all rent collection
    * Maintenance of security deposits
    * Receive, approve and pay all bills
    * Preparation of annual 1099 and
            W-2 requirements
    * Coordination and supervision of payroll
      functions and reporting


 Human Relations

   * Quality resident managers
   * Thorough tenant screening
   * Tri-lingual communications-English, Spanish and
   * Cultural awareness between management and
   * Timely rent collection
   * Superior tenant relations and retention
   * Outstanding vendors
   * Prompt evictions processing
   * Competitive bids for all major expenses